Ravi Teja’s Daruvu Censor Cuts List

Added by vidhatha on May 24, 2012

Certificate : UA (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance)

Certificate No. : DIL/2/5/2012-HYD

Certificate Date : 15/05/2012

Certified Duration 159:0 MM:SS


 Cuts List:

1 Delete the words ‘neeyabba, inka yedho kaalindi’ uttered by hero.

2 Delete the dialogue ‘group discussion, nakodaka, base chupistava’.

3 Blur the visuals of money under the feet of Brahmanandam.

4 Delete the words ‘neeyabba, set up. Stepney, annee kosestha’.

5 Ensure that the phone number 9888888111 does not exist.

6 Delete the dialogue ‘aa nakoduku, V.P. and blur ‘Andhra Pradesh & Ranga Reddy’.

7 Delete the dialogue ‘aada bommalu’ in the song ‘Sexy lady… and blur the close up exposure of navel in the song.

8 Delete the word ‘nakodaka’ in the dialogue ‘donga nakodaka’.

9 Delete the word ‘lutcha’.

10 Delete the dialogue ‘night papulatho setting ra’.

11 Delete the dialogue ‘kooshmandam pagilipoddi’.

12 Delete the words ‘bulblo fuse’ in the ‘veluguthunna bulblo fuse kottesthe.

13 Delete the dialogue ‘nakodaka’.

14 Delete the word ‘neeyabba’.

15 Delete the dialogue ‘adante adhena’ uttered by Chitra Gupta.

16 Given voice over by the hero alongwith statutory warning on smoking and drinking in the beginning and middle of the movie for 15 seconds.

17 Delete the dialogue ‘kerchief vesina ammayi’ (replaced with approved dialogue ‘manasu pettina ammayi’.

18 Delete the dialogue ‘ye cutting’ in the dialogue ‘ye cutting avvani neeku cake cutting avasarama’.

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