It was my idea to turn ‘Aashirwad’ into a museum: Anita Adavani, Rajesh Khanna's live in partner

Added by harini on Jul 24, 2012

Anita Adavani, Rajesh Khanna’s live-in partner of 10 years, has been accused of standing in between the wishes of Khanna family to convert Kaka’s home ‘Aashirwad’ into a museum.

But in a recent interview with a daily Anita Adavani said that it was in fact her idea of converting the home into a museum.

“It was my idea to turn it into a museum for Kaka,” she said.

“I want Aashirwad to be made a museum. The allegations against me are wrong; I have no greed or interest in this property. This property should go to the people of the country and be made a museum,” she added.

She also questioned where Kaka’s family was when he needed them the most.

“As years went by, his health was collapsing. No family member came to help and it was all me alone. I was taking care of his treatment, his food, his upkeep. Aashirwad was huge and dark. There were very few visitors and no help. His family’s quarries were limited to odd SMSes or a rare phone call to me,” she said to ABP News in an interview.

“Suddenly in June this year, they arrived at Aashirwad – 10 years later – to take charge. They asked me to pack up and leave. I was pushed around and humiliated. It was Akshay who threw me out of the house. Others members of the family, including Twinkle, were around and all had the same thing to say. They warned me to leave immediately. I did not deserve this. I did not want any money from them,” she added.

“On Thursday morning, they were taking him for cremation. I also wanted to be on the hearse. Akshay walked up to me and said, Anita ji, pls do not try to go there – hearse is only for the family. I was in trauma … as Kaka left,” she concluded.

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