Saif Ali Khan in trouble for his Natalie Portman 'joke'

Added by harini on Jul 31, 2012

Actor Saif Ali Khan has landed in trouble after he joked that his next home production movie will feature none other than Hollywood actress and Academy Award winning actress Natalie Portman.

In a recent telephonic interview with a daily, the actor had said, “A love story we are working on … It’s a secret … We are doing a film with Natalie Portman.”

Though apparently the actor says he was joking, the news was taken seriously by media and it spread like wild flower.

But recently the actor released a statement saying that he had been just kidding about the movie.

“It was a joke. I’m sorry. I’m just annoyed with speculation on all aspects of my life. I might just start making up stories to entertain myself,” he said to Mumbai Mirror.

The clarification from Saif’s part has only come after the reports of Natalie Portman’s lawyers sending Saif’s company a legal notice warning him to stop using Natalie’s name in baseless claims started doing around in the media.

The reports also suggest that Saif’s joke has not gone well with Portman’s representative and they have slapped a legal notice seeking an explanation for the ‘joke’.

Hope Saif Ali Khan realizes that throwing around names just for ‘joke’ will have consequences.

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