Number game does not interest me: Emraan Hashmi

Added by harini on Aug 08, 2012

Over the years actor Emraan Hashmi’s movies have been very successful commercially but critical acclaim has always eluded them. But things changed with ‘Shanghai’, as the movie not only became critical success but Emraan Hashmi was lauded for his performance in the movie.

Emraan Hashmi in a recent interview revealed that post ‘Shanghai’ he wants to work in more unconventional movies.

“Whenever I have played on a risky wicket, I have had success coming my way. I have realized that audience too expects the same from me. I would most probably fail if I take a conformist approach. At least my current standing dictates so,” said Emraan Hashmi to PTI.

Though ‘Shanghai’ was a hit with critics it failed to make a mark at the box-office. But Emraan Hashmi isn’t phased by this and said that he dint want to be caught up in box-office race.

“I can't get into the trapping of box office. I don't want that pressure on me. Also, number game does not interest me. I want to experiment with different kind of cinema. May be a couple of them don't take a huge opening but then it would give me creative satisfaction at least,” he said.

The actor said that ‘Shanghai’ was a brave movie and he was lucky to be a part of it.

“It had its own unique space and was always meant to be a departure from conventional Bollywood films. I credit Dibakar for being brave enough to pick such subject and tell a serious story without getting preachy. Personally too it worked for me as I saw good response from audience, trade, industry and critics alike,” he said.

The actor’s next movie is ‘Raaz 3D’, which also stars Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta. Emraan Hashmi will be reuniting with his ‘Footpath’ director Vikram Bhatt, with whom he started his Bollywood journey.

“‘Footpath’ is still my favorite performance. It was a special film because Vikram almost held my hand and took me through. All credit to him because he is very patient with the actors. He is similar in ‘Raaz 3D’,” he concluded.

‘Raaz 3D’ is all set to release this September 7.

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