There are more people who like than who dislike me: Sunny Leone

Added by harini on Aug 11, 2012

Adult actress turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s first Bollywood movie ‘Jism 2’ has been met with mixed response. While one set of audience has welcomed the actress with open arms, the other set has been very critical of her past and have been ridiculing her and ripping her posters apart.

But Sunny Leone isn’t fazed by this response.

“In the entertainment business no matter what you do some groups of people are going to have issues about it. Luckily for me, there are more people liking me than disliking me. That's the reason I returned to India after ‘Bigg Boss to make a film. I get really good vibes from India,” she said to a daily in an interview.

“Everything is happening so fast. I never thought I'd be making a movie in India. I can't believe what's happening! I know a lot of critics in India don't like me. And that's fine. Everyone has the prerogative to judge me according to what they think of me from earlier on,” she added.

If there is one thing that the actress does regret it’s the fact that she dint concentrate much on learning Hindi and had to use a dubbing artist for her lines in the movie.

“Yes, I realize that. My Hindi needs improvement. I am definitely using my own voice in my next film. I wish I had worked more closely with my Hindi tutor over my Hindi during ‘Jism 2. I was having so much fun shooting for this film I forgot to concentrate on improving my Hindi. It was a mistake,” she said.

The actress has already landed her second movie and is excited to start working in it.

“It's ‘Ragini MMS 2. That's my second film. It will be shot closer to the end of the year,” she concluded.

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