I have met Dawood only once: Sanjay Dutt

Added by harini on Aug 16, 2012

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt on Tuesday admitted that he had met Dawood Ibrahim once for dinner in Dubai but denied that he shared a friendship with him. The actor was questioned by the Supreme Court.

Senior Counsel Harish Salve, who represented Sanjay Dutt in the case for the possession of an illegal rifle, answered the questions raised by the court about the relationship between Sanjay Dutt and Dawood Ibrahim an underworld don, who is wanted in India in connections with his key role in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts.

In the confessional statement read by Salve given by Sanjay Dutt to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the wake of his arrest in 1993 bomb blasts it stated that the actor has met Dawood in Dubai.

It was after this that the court raised questions about Sanjay Dutt’s relationship with the don.

Salve answered the questions raised by the Supreme Court by saying that Sanjay Dutt had met with Dawood Ibrahim only once in Dubai for dinner, for which he was accompanied by two Bollywood producers. Salve added that this dinner had taken place prior to 1993 serial blasts.

The court`s query came during the hearing on an appeal file by Dutt challenging a trial court verdict convicting him under the Arms Act and awarding him sentence of six years for possessing weapons illegally.

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