I will always be there for Deepika: Siddharth Mallya

Added by harini on Aug 16, 2012

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and entrepreneur Siddharth Mallya had been very secretive about their relationship while they were dating. But now that the couple has broken up Siddharth has decided to talk about the relationship. The young entrepreneur did admit of bumping into Deepika Padukone recently.

“Yes, I did bump into her recently. She is still a very close friend. I will always, repeat ALWAYS, be there for her. I congratulated her for Cocktail. I was so happy to her being so happy,” said Siddharth in an interview with a daily.

Son of businessman Vijay Mallya is very happy with the way Deepika Padukone’s latest movie ‘Cocktail’ was received by the audience.

“I'm so happy the film has done so well. I haven't seen it. I was happy for the film doing well. But over and above that I was happy that her performance was unanimously singled out for praise .She deserves it. She's a very very hard-working girl. I am so glad her good work is finally paying off. I will always wish her all the best. And anytime she needs me I will be there for her,” he said.

Though Siddharth is all praise for his ex, he admitted that he hardly watches any Bollywood movies.

“I can't remember the last Bollywood film I watched. I think it was ‘Desi Boyz’. That was a screening arranged by Deepika. Besides that...I can't pretend to be enamored by Bollywood movies, though I am being offered roles in Bollywood all the time,” he said.

Siddharth said that he could never work in a Bollywood movie as he feels that Hindi cinema’s sensibilities are quite different from his.

“I got my first Bollywood offer when I was 17.If I wanted I could have been a Bollywood actor years ago. But sorry, I'll pass. I don't think I can do justice to Hindi cinema. In my view the sensibilities of Hindi cinema are very different from mine. I don't think Hindi movie-going audiences would be able to connect with me. I think my career would've followed a different course if I had grown up in India. But because I grew up abroad and I was living in London, then I went to boarding school, it was a different world for me,” he concluded.

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