The name change of Aashirwad to Vardan Aashirwad will hurt Kaka's soul: Anita Advani

Added by harini on Aug 23, 2012

Recently late Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow was renamed by his family as Vardan Aashirwad.

It was said that the renaming of the mansion from Aashirwad to Vardan Aashirwad was in accordance with Rajesh Khanna’s last wish.

“It was Kakaji's last wish. He wanted the name of the bungalow to be changed from Aashirwad to Vardan Aashirwad. However, it could not be done earlier due to his failing health. The name was finally altered only a couple of days back,” a source close to Rajesh Khanna said to a daily.

But Rajesh Khanna’s alleged live in partner Anita Advani said that the name change would hurt Kaka’s soul.

“If the rumors are true, it would hurt Kakaji's (Rajesh Khanna's) soul. Aashirwad is synonymous with Rajesh Khanna,” she said.

She added that she is upset with the change as the name ‘Aashirwad’ was chosen by Rajesh Khanna’s father.

Previously too there have been disputes between the Khanna family and Anita Advani. There have been reports suggesting that Anita was keen to own the mansion, which Rajesh Khanna had left for his two daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinkie Khanna in his will. Later Anita denied the rumors.

Keeping Rajesh Khanna’s wishes in mind the bungalow will be converted into a museum for his fans. Previously Anita claimed that turning Aashirwad into a museum was her idea.

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