Akshay Kumar unhappy with 'Joker' movie and Shirish Kunder

Added by harini on Aug 27, 2012

If the sources are to be believed then the long standing friendship between actor Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan – Shirish Kunder has come to an end. The reason for this is said to be Akshay Kumar’s displeasure with the creative quality of his upcoming movie ‘Joker’ that is directed by Shirish Kunder.

In fact the sources say that the actor has stopped talking to the duo and has vowed never to work with Shirish or his wife Farah Khan, with whom he worked with in ‘Tees Maar Khan’, again in life. He has also distanced himself from the movie ‘Joker’.

“Akshay Kumar is someone who would never leave a film incomplete. His past record proves that he has never left a film mid-way. He was creatively dissatisfied with the film as he felt cheated that whatever was promised to him was never delivered. In spite of all this, he completed the film and then decided to distance himself,” said a source to Mid Day.

“After’ Jaan-E-Maan’ flopped, he still worked with a script that was written by Shirish and in-spite of the disastrous result of the film, he went ahead and did this film. Akshay was promised that the film will be made in 3D. However, when the film went on the floors, he was told that the film will be converted to 3D and was shot accordingly. However that never happened,” the source added.

Akshay Kumar wasn’t pleased when the makers went ahead and promoted the song ‘Fakt You’, when Akshay Kumar had requested them not to as his audience are family audience and they wouldn’t like his song titled ‘Fakt You’.

“When Akshay heard the song I Want Fakt You, he immediately objected saying that his fans are family audiences and he would not want the song included in the film. Though the track was changed to Just You, the makers still went ahead and promoted it as Fakt You,” the source said.

Apparently, the final nail in coffin came when Farah Khan decided to use Shah Rukh Khan to promote the movie.

“The final nail on the coffin was when Farah went and promoted the film with Shah Rukh Khan. Akshay felt hurt and distanced himself from doing any promotions of the film,” said the source.

The sources said that even though the makers claim that Akshay Kumar will soon join the promotions, the actor won’t even be present for the release let alone promotions.

“While the film's makers have been claiming that Akshay will start promoting the film post August 27, the actor apparently will be leaving town on the same morning to shoot for Milan Luthria's gangster sequel. In fact, he is not going to be around for the release also,” the source concluded.

The sci-fi movie is a story of a man (played by Akshay Kumar), who returns to his village after a long time. The village that doesn't even show on the map ends up being world wide phenomenon after certain events. The movie also includes alien plot.

Along with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, the movie also stars Minissha Lamba, Shreyas Talpade and Prakash Raj.

'Joker' is all set to release on August 30, 2012.

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