‘Ghanchakkar' is a comedy with a difference: Emraan Hashmi

Added by harini on Sep 04, 2012

Actor Emraan Hashmi, whose last comedy movie was ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’, is currently busy working in another comedy ‘Ghanchakkar’. And according to Emraan Hashmi ‘Ghanchakkar’ is nothing like the typical Bollywood comedies.

“‘Ghanchakkar' is a comedy with a difference. I've seen different kinds of comedies in Bollywood, but I cannot do that kind of comedy. That over-the-top comedy, I don't even understand it. I don't even feel like laughing on it. (So) I'm doing a comedy which I enjoy and understand,” said Emraan Hashmi to IANS.

Emraan Hashmi, who has worked in all most all genres from suspense to horror to drama, said that ‘Ghanchakkar’ wasn’t just a comedy and had many different elements in it.

“It has suspense, thriller, dark humor and comedy. The way some things are funny in a family atmosphere that is what has been shown. It's a very funny film, and I'm sure the audience will like it,” he said.

The actor will be reuniting with his ‘The Dirty Picture’ co-star Vidya Balan in this movie.

‘Ghanchakkar’ is directed by Rajkumar Gupta.

The movie is scheduled to release early next year.

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