We have brought Barfi to spread happiness: Priyanka Chopra

Added by harini on Sep 07, 2012

Actress Priyanka Chopra seems to have a knack for picking tough roles. After delivering stellar performances in movies ‘Fashion’ and ‘Saath Khoon Maaf’, the actress plays an autistic girl in Anurag Basu’s upcoming movie ‘Barfi’.

“Whichever role is the toughest, bring it to me, I'll do it,” said Priyanka Chopra to IANS.

In the movie ‘Barfi’, Ranbir Kapoor plays a deaf and dumb character Murphy, belovedly called as Barfi by his friends. Even though the movie features deaf and dumb hero and an autistic heroine, Priyanka Chopra said that the movie spreads the message of being happy in any state.

“We have brought Barfi to spread happiness. The film's philosophy is 'Don't worry, be Barfi' instead of 'Don't worry, be happy' we are saying this,” she said.

“Ranbir's character's philosophy is this! When he enters our lives, he touches us all and teaches us that you don't need much to be happy, just a big heart,” she added.

The movie also marks the Bollywood debut of Telugu actress Ileana, who plays Barfi’s instructor in the movie.

The movie is about Murphy’s bitter-sweet relationship with Shruti (Ileana) and Jhilmil (Priyanka) and the chain of events that turns his life upside down.

‘Barfi’ is all set to release on September 14th.

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