Kissing is not necessary to show the romance in a film: Preity Zinta

Added by harini on Sep 18, 2012

Preity Zinta’s upcoming movie ‘Ishkq In Paris’ is a romantic movie and is set in the most romantic place in the world Paris.

Recently, Preity Zinta revealed that though ‘Ishkq In Paris’ was filled with romance there are no kissing scenes in the movie.

“Kissing is missing in the film. Kissing is not necessary to show the romance in the film. Romance is in the heart. It`s a rom-com and a family entertainer,” said Preity Zinta during the music launch of the movie.

The glitzy music launch was held on Monday in Mumbai. Salman Khan, who makes a cameo in the song ‘Kudiye Di Kurti’, was also present at the event.

Preity Zinta thanked Salman Khan for his constant support and said, “Salman has been the inspiration for the music and has helped me a lot.”

The music of the movie is composed by Sajid-Wajid and the song ‘Kudiye Di Kurti’ has received positive response from the audience.

The movie is directed by Prem Soni and also stars French actress Isabelle Adjani and marks the debut of TV actor Gaurav Chanana, who has been rechristened Rhehaan.

The movie will now release on November 2.

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