I am happy with 'Heroine': Madhur Bhandarkar

Added by harini on Sep 26, 2012

Madhur Bhandarkar’s ambitious project ‘Heroine’ has met with negative response from audience and critics alike. But the director said that this was nothing new to him as most of his movies have received brickbats by one or another critic.

“I make films with conviction on subjects from different areas of life and varied premises. Every film of mine has met with a mixed response – it is not new for me at all to see such extreme reactions. From ‘Chandni Bar’ to ‘Heroine’, I’ve faced mixed reviews. People have not liked all my films – ‘Page 3’, ‘Corporate’ had people speaking against them more than for them,” said Madhur Bhandarkar in an interview with Firstpost.

“I am very happy with Heroine and I have no regrets, creatively. Maybe in retrospect, over the years, I may do, but not right now. It is in every creative person’s nature to crave betterment and I am no different,” he added.

The filmmaker said that he was extremely pleased with Kareena Kapoor’s performance in the movie.

“I am extremely happy with Kareena Kapoor’s work in the film – she has pushed the envelope and her performance in the film has garnered amazing reviews all across the world. My phone and BBM are flooded with praise for her work and that is very satisfying. People have been calling me and telling me Heroine is my best work, that I’ve done a great job as director and that Kareena and I are a fantastic combination,” he said.

‘Heroine’ that released on September 21 has been criticized by critics saying that ‘Heroine’ was a dull and a boring affair. The audience too found faults with the movie and found constant crying, drinking and smoking of Kareena Kapoor in the movie annoying. Many believe that ‘Heroine’ has been inspired by lives of different Bollywood stars at different points in their lives.

Few critics though have praised Kareena Kapoor’s performance in the movie and said that the actress had given her all in the performance.

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