Fardeen Khan's wife Natasha has a miscarriage, loses twins

Added by harini on Dec 11, 2012

Ecstatic Fardeen Khan had announced few months ago that he and his wife Natasha were expecting twins.

The actor then went on to shift his base from Mumbai to London to keep his wife and the twins away from the dengue scare. But even after all these precautions; tragedy has struck the couple, as Natasha recently suffered a late miscarriage.

“As delighted as we were to announce Natasha`s pregnancy I am equally saddened to say she had a late miscarriage,” tweeted a very sad Fardeen Khan.

“As the saying goes - What doesn`t kill you can only make u stronger. Life is Life is Life,” he further added.

But the actor said that most importantly his wife was doing well.

“Most importantly Natasha is in good health and can have try again. This half-pint I married is a warrior in every sense,” he posted on his Twitter page.

We hope that the couple recovers soon from this loss.

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