Vishal Bhardwaj encouraged me to dance: Pankaj Kapoor

Added by harini on Dec 14, 2012

Veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor, who has never danced before in any of his movies, was seen shaking a leg for the first time in the title track of upcoming movie ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’.

The actor said that he couldn’t have had the courage to dance if it wasn’t for the encouragement from the movie’s director Vishal Bhardwaj.

When asked if his son Shahid Kapoor, who is a trained dancer and considered one of the best dancers in Bollywood, gave him any tips on dancing, Pankaj Kapoor said that Shahid was too busy to teach him dancing but did advice him to relax and enjoy the dance.

“Shahid doesn't have time for me. Our choreographers and their assistants helped me a lot with lot of rehearsals. Earlier it was difficult, but I later stated enjoying it. Shahid did say, 'Dad, just relax and have fun!' So that helped me to take it forward,” Pankaj Kapoor told IANS.

The actor said that learning to dance at age of 58 was a ‘strain’.

“It's not the same with age. Things change and also practice matters. Had I done some dance movements in any of my films, then it would not have been difficult. So I basically had to do rehearsals,” he said.

"There was a lot of director's contribution as well. When you get confidence from your director, as an actor, it is all a matter of how your director says 'This is how much I can get out of you'," he added.

Pankaj Kapoor denied that he is very picky about his roles and said that he is willing to do any kind of roles as long as they are interesting.

“I am open to scripts. I am hoping that interesting subjects come my way. There is a perception that I do certain kind of films. That's not true. I am open to any good scripts with a good role,” he concluded.

‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ is touted to be a drama comedy set in a rustic village of Haryana. The movie is about Harry Mandola (Pankaj Kapur), a wealthy industrialist who loves his drink, his daughter Bijlee (Anushka Sharma) and the unusual bond they both share with Harry’s man Friday, Matru (Imran Khan).

The movie also stars Arya Babbar, who plays Anushka Sharma’s finance Baadal, the son of a powerful politician Chaudhari Devi played by Shabana Azmi.

The movie is set to release on January 11, 2013.

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