'Dabangg 2' is more than just a mindless action comedy: Arbaaz Khan

Added by harini on Dec 18, 2012

Arbaaz Khan, who is making his debut with ‘Dabangg 2’, said that the movie was more than a mindless comedy action flick.

“You would see a lot of style coming along with the action and it would be in the kind of space that Chulbul Pandey as a character and 'Dabangg' as a brand stand for. Having said that, while action is an integral part of the film, it would be not more than what is necessary. There is a story running behind all the action. You just can't have action and more of action. None of it would hold if there is no emotion behind it; for that you need to have a story in a scene or a sequence," Arbaaz told PTI.

Songs from the movie like ‘Fevicol’ and ‘Pandeyji Seeti Maare’ have already become a hit. Arbaaz Khan is of an opinion that the music of ‘Dabangg 2’ surpasses that of ‘Dabangg’.

“There are five songs in the movie and while the music of Dabangg was outstanding, Sajid-Wajid have gone ahead and churned out something even better; I genuinely believe that the composers have done a fabulous job,” he said.

The actor turned director said that he wanted ‘Dabangg 2’ to be not just entertaining but also interesting.

“I had to be conscious about the fact that the brand and the character stood for their true worth in the sequel and had something good to offer as well. I wanted to put the film in a very interesting way and give entertainment along with it. I could never lose sight of the entertainment quotient since that's the most important aspect here,” he concluded.

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