Rumors of Priyanka Chopra signing 'Happy New Year' enrage Shahrukh Khan

Added by harini on Dec 18, 2012

Rumors have been rife that Shahrukh Khan has got Farah Khan to sign his good friend for Farah Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Happy New Year’. The reports went on to state that Shahrukh Khan went against his family and friends wishes to sign Priyanka Chopra for the movie.

These reports have angered Shahrukh Khan, who decided to let his disdain be known through Twitter.

“When a person's words & body language are in conflict they are usually lying. A lot like the headline words of tabloids & their body of content...,” wrote Shahrukh Khan on his Twitter page.

“Most of the time ppl don't want to get to know you, instead they want to tell you, who they think you are. Let them maintain their fictions about you," he further tweeted.

The reports have also infuriated Farah Khan who also reacted angrily and tweeted, "Every morning I get up and read some made up crap about HNY...when the 'journos' have decided who our leading lady will be kindly inform us too!"

Priyanka Chopra agreed with Shahrukh Khan and tweeted, “Agreed!! @iamsrk ! And btw! I guess its only cause fiction is so much more interesting na? haha! Hope shoots going super!(sic).”

 The movie ‘Happy New Year’, directed by Farah Khan, stars Shah Rukh and Boman Irani in lead roles. It’s rumored that Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham will fill the spot of other two male leads. The female lead of the movie though remains unknown.

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