I am deeply honored to receive the Padma Shri: Sridevi

Added by harini on Jan 28, 2013

Actress Sridevi was recently honored with one of country’s most prestigious awards Padma Shri.

The actress said that she felt honored after receiving the award.

“It's my good fortune that people still love me and wants me on screen. The Padma Shri came as a very pleasant surprise. I am deeply honored," said Sridevi to IANS.

“I don't know what I did to deserve it. But I must have done something right to be honored by our government,” she added.

Sridevi, who ruled not only Bollywood but also industries down south in 1980’s and 90’s, recently made a comeback on big screen with critically acclaimed and commercially successful ‘English Vinglish’.

Many of her fans have been disappointed that her brilliant acting has been over looked by the popular awards this year. But Sridevi said that she is at a stage in her life where she doesn’t crave for awards.

“At this stage in my life and career, I don't hanker for any awards. But the Padma Shri is special. It shows that the government has recognized my work, and that feels good. Acknowledgement and recognition from authoritative quarters are important to every artiste,” she said.

Sridevi, who did her first film as child artiste in 1967, went on to feature in timeless movies like ‘Lamhe’, ‘Sadma’, ‘Chandini’, ‘Nagina’, ‘Mr. India’ and ‘Chaal Baaz’.

“I started young when I was six. But I don't feel I've been acting for so many years. I still approach every film and role like it's my first. Though ‘English Vinglish’ was my director Gauri Shinde's debut film, I felt like a newcomer as much as she did. It is very important for an artiste to be excited about her work in every phase of her career. If tiredness seeps into one's attitude it will show in the quality of one's work somewhere. I think my honesty towards my word is being acknowledged by the Padma Shri. That I've managed to go so far in my life is all due to the support of my fans and well-wishers and my husband Boney," Sridevi said.

There have been rumors that her eldest daughter Jhanvi was contemplating on starting her acting career soon.

“Jhanvi is just 16. She needs time to see the world and understand herself and her interests. At the moment, the two of us are busy together sharing girl camaraderie. We're friends before being mother and daughter. We go out shopping together for clothes. We go to movies together. It's nice to be re-discovering my own teens through my daughter. I never had a chance to do all the normal girlie things. I was busy working,” she said.

Sridevi recently shot for a magazine cover with both her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi.

“It was great fun. But it doesn't mean anything more. It certainly doesn't signal my elder daughter's film career. Like I said, she's too young to be thinking of career. Let her have fun,” she said.

The actress is keen on working in more movies but said that the movie needs to offer something novel for her to sign it.

“But it has to be something that appeals to me as an actress, like ‘English Vinglish’. At this juncture of my life, I am not hankering to face the camera. I've done every kind of role. It's the real-life mom's role that I enjoy the most," Sridevi concluded.

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