I have no personal grudge against Kamal Haasan or 'Vishwaroopam': Jayalalithaa

Added by harini on Feb 01, 2013

Tamil Nadu government is being criticized for banning Kamal Haasan’s upcoming movie ‘Vishwaroopam’.

But Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, stood by her decision and said that banning of the movie was not a personal agenda but was done to maintain peace in the state.

The CM said that she dint have enough policemen to guard the state if violent protests started.

“I do not have the police force to protect the 500-odd theatres in the state," Jayalalithaa said.

“I have no personal grudge, no personal interest in banning the movie," she told the media, while adding that her government decided to ban it for 15 days so that tempers could cool down and "both sides could have a discussion and come to an agreement".

The CM pointed out that the movie banned in neighboring states as well as Qatar, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore, the chief minister asked, "Was I responsible for all that?”

She said that all this trouble could have been avoided if Kamal Haasan had screened the movie.

“Had the film maker screened the movie for the Muslim leaders in the beginning itself, all this would not have happened," she said.

“Haasan called the Muslim leaders for a viewing only after he was set for release. And finally, he did call some Muslim leaders for a screening at his house. But after seeing the film, the Muslim organizations met the chief secretary and announced a series of agitations across the state," she added.

After his return from the US, Haasan sought a meeting with me, but as he had by then already moved the Madras High Court, I could not have interfere in the subjudice case," Jayalalithaa said.

“Following Kamal Haasan coming out in favor of editing parts of the movie on Wednesday, I would suggest that if he and the Muslim organization leaders can sit together and thrash out an amicable agreement, the Tamil Nadu government would do everything possible to take it from there," she concluded.

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