Films influence the general public: Farhan AKhar

Added by harini on Feb 21, 2013

Filmmaker and actor Farhan Akhtar recently attended One Billion Rising, a global campaign to raise awareness about gender-based violence across 200 countries.

During the event Farhan Akhtar admitted that films have a strong influence on general public.

“I do believe that films do have an influence. More than the item songs phenomenon, it is in the way our heroes romance our women. I think that's a very crucial thing and it has changed over the years,” said Farhan Akhtar to IANS.

The actor said that the fact that romance has become more open and bold worries him.

“You know there was a time when it was hidden. Then it became very sincere and romantic, and now it has gone into a (different) phase," he said.

He feels introspection is necessary.

"Everyone needs to be introspective and realize when it is a female celebrating her sexuality, sensuality, her independence or when does the male gaze take over - I think that's very crucial!” he concluded.

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