Kiran Rao to do a cameo in Aamir Khan's 'Peekay'

Added by harini on Mar 05, 2013

Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao has proven her talent behind the camera. But in Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Peekay’ the filmmaker is all set to make her very first appearance in front of the camera.

According to sources, director of the movie Rajkumar Hirani is very keen on having Kiran Rao do a cameo in the movie.

“Raju is very keen that Kiran plays a cameo and since she is very much present on the sets, he has been coaxing her to do a small part,” said sources to Mid-Day.

The sources said that the director has come up with a couple of ideas where Kiran could be present in the backdrop.

Apparently Kiran Rao too is very keen on taking up the offer.

“Kiran is also keen to do it and will be shooting one of the sequences but Raju wants to keep it as a surprise element,” the sources added.

Currently the shooting of Peekay is taking place on the streets and various shops in and around Mandva, a village in Rajasthan.

Kiran Rao and her son Azad accompanied Aamir Khan to Rajasthan and are planning on staying there till the schedule completes.

‘Peekay’, also known as ‘P.K’ stars Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and Sushanth Singh Rajput. Sanjay Dutt plays a crucial role in the movie.

The movie was previously slated to release on December 25 2013. But due to the delay in the shooting, the release date has now been pushed back to 2014.

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