Salman Khan talks in support of Sana Khan

Added by harini on May 29, 2013

Bollywood star Salman Khan has come out in support of his ‘Mental’ movie co-star Sana Khan, who has been accused of allegedly trying to kidnap a 15 year old girl.

According to reports, Sana Khan and her cousin brother Naved Khan tried to kidnap the girl after she rejected a marriage proposal by Naved Khan.

Sana Khan has reportedly been absconding after the allegations and a FIR against her. Police have also managed to secure an arrest warrant for the actress.

“Poor Sana, so sad. First let her become famous, then try and get some publicity from her. This is the problem - chappo anything galat bhi ho toh (print anything even if it is wrong)," he posted on Twitter.

“Why would a girl kidnap a 15-year-old? For money? To get her married, at 4 p.m. in a populated area? Investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai yaar (It's amazing),” he added.

Salman Khan, who got to know Sana Khan while she was in ‘Bigg Boss’ house in season 6, said that the girl must be scared hence she is on run.

“Obviously must be scared and running around and hiding. They (police) have an arrest warrant on her, 5 dharas, jail is not Big Boss house dude. SAD,” he said.

“Obviously those people must have some ulterior motives. Worked with her on Bigg Boss, you have seen her for three months every day. What do you think," he added.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan’s brother and ‘Mental’ movie director Sohail Khan said that Sana Khan wasn’t required for the shooting of the movie.

“I read about Sana just as you did. I am clueless about what's happened to her. But I am not required to shoot with her for a month. By then I hope her problems are sorted out and her life returns to normal,” said Sohail Khan.

Explaining the situation further, a source close to the movie unit said, “The main female roles are played by Tabu and Daisy Shah. Salman had made an implicit promise to cast her, and he did. And unless absolutely necessary Salman and Sohail won't replace her. But if they have to, it's no big deal because she has hardly shot for the film.”

According to latest news, Sana Khan has recently applied for an anticipatory bail.

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