Guru Dutt biopic to be directed by Bhavna Talwar

Added by harini on Jun 19, 2013

The long awaited biopic of legendary actor and filmmaker Guru Dutt has finally got its director. The movie will be helmed by female director Bhavna Talwar of ‘Dharm’ fame.

Not just that but Bhavna Talwar has also only managed to grab exclusive rights o use all the celebrated songs from Dutt's films.

“It would look at the man and the filmmaker from one range of vision, mine. There will be lots of music. But only what is required. We won't overuse Guru Dutt's vast repertoire of music just because we have access to it,” Bhavna Talwar confirmed to IANS.

In his lifetime Guru Dutt has worked with music legends like Sachin Dev Burman, Sahir Ludhianvi, Geeta Dutt, and Mohammad Rafi creating evergreen songs like Jaane kya tune kahi, Waqt ne kiya kya haseen situm, Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye toh kya hai and Dekhi zamanein ki yaari. These songs will now feature as part of Guru Dutt’s biopic.

Saregama/HMV, the oldest and most well-stocked music company of the country, which owns the copyrights for all the songs and music of the legendary filmmaker's works, has given Bhavna the exclusive right to use the entire body of Guru Dutt's music.

Adarsh Gupta, Business Head of Saregama, confirmed the deal.

There have been reports of Guru Dutt’s family raising an objection about the biopic. But a source close to the director cleared the air.

“We're very clear on the legal aspect of filming a real life personality. We'll only be using information on Guru Dutt that is in the public domain,” the source said.

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