Guddu Dhanoa to make 'Deewana' sequel

Added by harini on Jul 16, 2013

Filmmaker Guddu Dhanoa, who directed movies like ‘Bichhoo’ and ‘Jaal’ and produced ‘Deewana’, Aflatoon’, is planning on remaking a sequel to 1992 movie ‘Deewana’.

‘Deewana’, directed by Raj Kanwar, was a romantic movie that starred Rishi Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and the late Divya Bharti. This movie also marks the debut of Shah Rukh Khan albeit in a secondary role.

“We are making a romantic film but it is a completely different story. We are using the title Deewana but something would be added to the title. It is like how Bhatts are making films like ‘Murder’ and ‘Jannat’. I am also doing something similar," Dhanoa told PTI.

The filmmaker revealed that the script for the movie is already complete and the talks for the suitable lead cast have begun.

“We are in talks with actors but nothing is finalized yet," he concluded.

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