Sussanne Roshan moves in with her parents

Added by harini on Sep 11, 2013

Tinsel town has been buzzing with rumors that Sussanne Roshan, wife of actor Hrithik Roshan, has moved into her parents Sanjay and Zarine Khan’s Juhu home, which is just some distance away from her in-laws place. It’s been reported that Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan are having a lover’s spat.

But sources close to the couple has denied these reports and said that Sussanne moved in with his parents as her father in unwell.

“Yes, Sussanne is living at her parents’ place since the past week. But there is no problem between her and Hrithik. Her father is really unwell and she is staying there to spend time with him. The Khans do not want unnecessary attention over his illness and have asked their close friends to respect their privacy,” said the source to a popular daily DNA.

The rumors of a lover’s quarrel starred when Sussanne came with her mother and siblings and left with them last week for Rakesh Roshan’s birthday bash.

“She came with them because she is living with them and it was more practical. If there was anything to hide, you think she would have been so open about it? Also, she left early because she was flying to Paris that night. In fact, she is still in Paris and is expected to return tomorrow,” the source said.

When asked if Sussanne will head to her own home or parents’ home after her return from Paris, the source said, “She might go anywhere... that is not even the issue. She has stayed at her parents’ home in the past as well. Even at that time there were rumors about trouble in their marriage. But they are still together, which should tell you how strong their marriage is.”

“Rumors will always be there in an actors’ life but I can tell you that Hrithik and Sussanne are one couple who will always be together,” the source concluded.

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