SRK’s Chief Digital Strategist, Shailja, says that SRK credited JK Rowling for his speech

Added by harini on Oct 07, 2013

Moments after a blog post was written about Shah Rukh Khan plagiarizing his speech at the All India Management Association (AIMA), the news spread like wildfire earning the actor brickbats for his shameful plagiarism.

In September Shah Rukh Khan gave a speech at AIMA where he spoke about his days of poverty and the lessons he learned from those days. But as Bangalore-based social media consultant Agratha Dinakaran ( pointed out, Shah Rukh Khan’s inspirational speech was ‘lifted’ from the speech made by the famous author JK Rowling at Harvard in 2008.

But Shah Rukh Khan’s Chief Digital Strategist, Shailja, has come to the actor’s rescue and has said that actor credited JK Rowling for his speech and hasn’t just blatantly lifted lines from the Harry Potter author’s speech.

In her blog, Shailja stated that the speech given by Shah Rukh Khan at AIMA was a recycled speech the actor gave at YPO. Shailja claimed that the actor had credited JK Rowling for the speech when he gave it for the first time at YPO.

"In the beginning of the speech SRK starts with "Let me forewarn you, this is a recycled speech. Whenever I am called to give speeches at YPO or some such big organization...I use this speech. Its generic...simple...and makes me give no commitment in our first meeting. Somewhat like the corporate world itself." her post reads.

"The recycled speech that SRK mentions includes a speech he gave at the YPO where he clearly gives credit to JK Rowling," she explained in her blog.

Shailja also pointed out that the actor had also made fun about the word vicissitudes at YPO speech and had said that if it wasn’t for JK Rowling he wouldn’t even have known that word.

“Mr. Khan had made a joke about the word 'vicissitudes'…and said jokingly "It's J K Rowling, I have problems saying such big words….but did it to impress the smart ones gathered there,” she posted on her blog.

Though Shailja’s explanation and defense of actor Shah Rukh Khan seems fair her referring to journalists in her blog as those "who have no talent" and make an attempt to "sensationalize a non-story" seems unjust and is bound to irk many.

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