Vivek is one of the best actors that I have worked with: Hrithik Roshan

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Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming movie ‘Krrish 3’ is being compared to Hollywood movie franchise ‘X-Men’. Parallels have been drawn between mutants in ‘Krrish 3’ and ‘X-Men’. The look of Kangna Ranaut in the movie seems to remind many of Halle Berry’s character Storm in ‘X-Men’.

But Hrithik Roshan is unfazed with the comparisons and said that he glad that an Indian movie is being compared with a Hollywood one.

“Comparisons are good. At least we have a film of a genre that can be compared in terms of special effect, superhero genre which until now is non-existent. So comparisons are always good. People are curious to know what India is making. As Indians, this is our first home-grown superhero, VFX effect, musical extravaganza film,” said Hrithik Roshan to PTI.

The actor said that he is proud with the outcome of the movie and is glad that his father and the director of the movie Rakesh Roshan used Indian technicians to work on this movie.

“So, we are feeling proud that we came up with this film. I am happy that my father took this decision to make this film with the help of Indian technicians. Nobody had enough faith in them, my father gave them an opportunity and after this the world will open up for them," he said.

“We have created something as we felt and believed in it. And now it is left to destiny. Let's see what reactions we get,” he added.

In ‘Krrish 3’ Hrithik Roshan won’t just essay the role of superhero Krrish but also of Krrish’s father Rohit Mehra, who was the central character in the first movie of the franchise ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.  

“Rohit Mehra is childlike. He is not only a child, he is a father. I was not sure if I could play that vulnerable part. Do I still have the body language of Rohit? Will I able to do justice? It was a big challenge. To balance out the childlike qualities and yet show power of a father, it required a lot of thinking," he said.

"Rohit is the hero of the film more than Krrish or Krishna. The entire story revolves around him from 'Koi...Mil Gaya' as it started from there. So I knew I had to get Rohit right and hopefully I think I have. I am acting opposite air. I was acting on my own. We were not there in same frame, but it seems we are in the same frame," he added.

The movie stars Vivek Oberoi as the antagonist super villain Kaal and Hrithik Roshan is all praise for his performance in the movie.

“Vivek is one of the best actors that I have worked with. He is a complete team player. I had only two names in mind for the role of super villain - me and Vivek. I would have loved to play his part, but they did not allow me. Nobody else could have been better to play this role than him. He has got intensity, voice and is an earnest actor, he has done a brilliant job in the film," Hrithik said.

During the shooting of the movie the actor was advised complete bed rest due to back injury. But the actor was so committed to the movie that he shot for it despite doctor’s advice.

“I did a lot of research to solve my problem because my knees, my back were bad and my shoulders were broken. I put myself back together again. I went through 85 days of action. Science told me it is impossible, but I did something and it made me realize that anything is possible in life," Hrithik said.

The movie’s music especially the song ‘Raghupati Raghav’ has received rave reviews from critics and audience alike. Hrithik Roshan said that incorporating songs in this movie was a tough task.

“There are lots of ways to incorporate songs. For my father music is very important in his films. It was difficult to incorporate songs in this film because of the kind of screenplay it had. You can't have Kaal (super villain), superhero mutants dancing. You could have songs in Krrish as he was a boy from mountains, he was carefree and falling in love, so it was ok. For this film it was difficult, but songs have been integrated beautifully. We are musical people, we are Indians we are born with music and we celebrate it. Music is a part of our blood I don't think we will ever be without music," he concluded.

The movie directed by Rakesh Roshan also stars Priyanka Chopra as Hrithik Roshan’s wife, Kangna Ranaut as superwoman mutant Kaya and Shaurya Chauhan plays female antagonist Illusion.

The sci-fi movie will release on November 2.

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