Delhi Belly gets 'A' certificate

Added by harini on Jun 22, 2011

Ever since the promos and songs of Delhi Belly have been aired they have been surrounded by controversies. One set of audience thought that the film was too bold and should be strictly monitored. The passing of ‘DK Bose’ song with a U certificate angered many and petitions were filed for the same.

Aamir Khan and the cast have always maintained that their movie ‘Delhi Belly’ was strictly for the adult audience.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the movie has now got a ‘A’ certificate. The movie though has passed the Censor Board and none of the scenes will be cut.

In the mean while Aamir Khan has released a new video promoting the movie warning the audience.

Aamir Khan's warning

The movie is to be released on July 1st

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