I want to direct soon: Jimmy Sheirgill

Added by harini on May 20, 2014

Actor Jimmy Sheirgill, who has tried his hands in both acting as well as producing, said that he wants to don a director’s hat soon.

“Direction is something that I love. It's the most fascinating thing ever. It's either being in front of the camera or behind the camera. If ever I become something apart from an actor, it's definitely a director," said Jimmy Sheirgill to IANS.

“Every film I watch, I just see people perform and how it's shot. I am enjoying being an actor but one day if I have to do something else, then I think I will get into direction," he added.

The actor also said that this is the best time to enter the industry as the audience is opening up to new and unique subjects.

“I am extremely happy that all kinds of films are being made these days. Earlier things were different so, I feel this is the best time to be in this industry," he said.

Jimmy Sheirgill, who has produced Punjabi films like ‘Dharti’ and ‘Rangeelay’, said that he may refrain from producing more films.

“I had a very bad experience producing films," Jimmy said adding that he strove for his level of perfection in his projects and this resulted in a financial debacle.

"Just to take films to my own level, I have paid from my own pocket. I took steps which were rash. If the makers told me this is required for the film, I used to say go ahead with it, but the money never came back," added the actor.

He has learnt his lesson the hard way.

"Your personal work should be different from production work and it should survive on its own. So, that is something I failed in. I messed up as a producer," he said.

The actor, who is making a comeback on big screen with movie ‘Fugly’, is excited to be back in front of the camera.

“I am enjoying my phase as an actor. I was missing action for one-and-a-half years. I had a spine problem. I missed out quite a lot, so I am hoping to cover it now. This is the best phase to be in the industry,” said Jimmy.

‘Fugly’ will hit the screens on June 13.

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