Delhi Belly team launches Wacky T-shirts

Added by harini on Jun 21, 2011

The Delhi Belly team is doing everything that they can think of to promote a movie that’s already popular with the youth.

The lead cast of Delhi Belly Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy visited National Textile Fair in Mumbai to launch the new and Wacky Delhi Belly T-shirts. Imran Khan said that the T-shirt was the brain child of Aamir Khan.

The lead actors arrived wearing the T- shirts with the currently popular song slogans ‘DK Bose’ and ‘Switty’ on them.

The movie Delhi Belly has already become a rage with the people and who can blame the production for cashing in on the popularity.

The T shirts will be marketed soon and given the popularity they might become a rage just like Aamir Khan’s hairdo was during Ghajini.

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