'Heroine' wont be affected by Ash's pregnancy

Added by harini on Jun 22, 2011

Even though everybody in Bollywood is elated with Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy news, you can’t help but feel that may be Madhur Bhandarkar might be feeling a bit panicky.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is to star in his next movie ‘Heroine’ which Madhur Bhandarkar plans on releasing it this November. The shooting for the movie began on June 8th of this year. Madhur had asked Aishwarya Rai to put some weight on for the next phase in the movie, which Aishwarya promptly did.

Madhur says that Aishwarya’s pregnancy won’t be a problem as he is planning to wrap up the movie in next 45 days. This means that mother to be wont be able to enjoy her new joy as she would have to rush with the shooting of the movie.

But with movie slated to release in November, promotional events of the movie might be affected. But a source close to Madhur Bhandarkar said that, “Madhur is not worried about Heroine's promotions or how Ash's pregnancy will affect the film's success. We shouldn't forget that Ash is a popular and successful actress and her getting married didn't affect her fan following. She enjoys a loyal fan following and it will not be affected by her becoming a mom." 

The source also said that the promotion of the movie will be planned according to Ash’s schedule and convenience. 

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