Sonam and Sanjay Dutt in awe of Hrithik

Added by harini on Jun 22, 2011

Not only has Hrithik’s new dance reality show ‘Just Dance’ clicked with the audience but also the Bollywood celebrities are going gaga over Hrithik Roshan’s moves.

The style icon of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor could not hide her admiration for Hrithik as she stated, “I really enjoyed the show. It was spectacular”, said the actress who said that she generally doesn’t watch Indian TV but has made an exception for Duggu’s show.

The actress who watches US dance competitions stated that, “There was actually a performance on a song from Jodha Akbar in US dance show format.”

“I loved his entry. Only he can dance like that. There is no better person than him to judge a dance show. It’s hard to even blink when you see him dance onscreen. Even his speech was straight from the heart”, said the actress rooting for her favorite star.

“Its amazing that someone like him, who was advised by a doctor not to pursue dancing, ended up being the nation’s best dancer. It just shows you can achieve anything with determination, grit and passion. Those contestants are really lucky to be mentored by him”, says Sonam Kapoor talking about Hrithik’s inspiring personal story.

When asked about infamous HR locket she said, “I would love to own that HR locket. I don’t know if I should dance with him but I would love to when nobody is looking. Hopefully, I would get to do a film with him and we will have our own original number”.

Where Sonam can't stop gushing about ‘The God of Dance’ and is waiting for an opportunity to dance with him, Sanjay Dutt who is acting along side Hrithik in Agneepath says, “I am not going to dance with him. I am no match for him. I feel he is the best dancer among all the leading actors that we have today."

"I have been a fan of his dancing right from the time I saw him in the song ''Ek Pal Ka Jeena'' from his debut movie ''Kaho Naa Pyar Hai''. I remember seeing him as a kid when I used to meet his father Rakesh Roshan, but we did not interact then. It was only when we did the film ''Mission Kashmir'' that we bonded a lot on the sets," he added.

Talking about Hrithik perfection he says, “There were so many retakes and he was giving as many re-takes as needed and that to with equal amount of gusto and energy”.

Everybody seems to very impressed by Hrithik. 

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