Bhatt camp enraged with Jacqueline

Added by harini on Jun 25, 2011

With the release of Murder 2 falling close, the promotional events of the movie will start soon. The promotion of the movie will be crucial as they require the audience to give a positive response as the movie is very bold and erotic.

But the lead actress of the movie, Jacqueline Fernandez would be absent for most of the events as she is busy shooting for Housefull 2 in London at the moment. This has very much enraged the Bhatt camp naturally, who wanted the actress to be present in every single promotional event.

A very angry Mahesh Bhatt said, “I was angry with Mukesh and the production team. We have a premium product in Murder 2, which is now a franchise. The marketing should reach its peak in the last few days, but now Jacqueline has gone away. The film has a very high erotic content and hence it is important that the female lead of your film is there on every platform with you towards the end, during the promotional phase right before the audience sees it."

“Mukesh and the production team should have made arrangements to rope her into the publicity campaigns”, he added angrily.

But Mukesh Bhatt feels differently.

“I called Sajid Nadiadwala but got no response. If I was in Sajid's place I would have let her go. They have capitalised on her casting in Murder 2 since she has only now become hot property. Hereafter, I will ensure that I have a legal bound contract with every actor that they have to be actively involved in the promotion of the film," he said as angrily as Mahesh Bhatt.

The source close to the actress though defends her saying, “She had no choice. She was required for Housefull 2 in the last week of June and the first week of July and she just couldn't say 'No'. Needless to say that Jacqueline did not want to ruffle feathers with the Nadiadwala camp. Now she's gone, what can be done? At the most, she might fly down for just a few days before Murder 2 hits the theatres, and even that isn’t confirmed”.

With every production house wanting Jacqueline’s time, she sure seems to be in a lot of demand.

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