SRK charms Toronto

Added by harini on Jun 27, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan with his charisma has already captured billion Indian hearts. But on this Saturday he set out to capture Toronto and was very successful too.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for SRK to perform. But thanks to his knee injury he was unable to do so. But instead of disappointing his fans, SRK found a whole new way to entertain them.

Shah Rukh Khan was on-off stage all through the night. His dance performance was supposed to be the closing event of the night. He started his performance with a bang to his song ‘Say shava shava’ but it stopped as soon as it had begun.

The audience was very disappointed to see that the star wouldn’t perform any more. But little did they know that SRK had something else up his sleeve.

"If I can't dance, I'll make sure everyone dances here in Toronto tonight. Today, I'll teach you guys different techniques used in Bollywood dancing" he said speaking to over 20,000 fans at Roger’s center inToronto.

With help of Shiamak Davar‘s dance troop SRK taught the audience the dances steps of his song ‘Say shava shava’. He asked his audience to perform ‘pull the flush and knock the door’ routine which was nothing but the famous shava shava step.

He went on to teach other famous Bollywood steps in the same funny way. While teaching the famous Salman Khan’s Dabangg step SRK quipped, “This step was made because the trousers were made extremely lose”.

He also taught the audience Aamir Khan’s ‘Khandaala’ step and Jeetendra’s ‘Dhal Gaya Din’. He used handkerchiefs and broomsticks to teach the above two steps.

With his charm and wit SRK captured all the hearts as an audience said, “This gesture of Shah Rukh of teaching us dance steps was very cool. We felt like a part of the whole celebration, and not just spectators”.

A foreigner added, “It's a great way to learn Bollywood dancing in a humorous way!”

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