Aishwarya will be a very beautiful mother: Sushmita Sen

Added by harini on Jul 01, 2011

People have always associated animosity between the two beauties Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai. But Sushmita Sen seems to be thrilled with Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy and seems to have nothing but praises and good wishes for mother to be.

"Aishwarya has always been known to be a beautiful woman. She has brought great laurels to our country. Both of us are international winners. She is a beautiful woman who is going to be a mother, and that will increase her beauty manifold," Sushmita recently told the reporters at an event to collaborate her beauty pageant ‘I AM She" with Wadhawan Lifestyle.

Sushmita Sen who is mother two beautiful adopted daughters said, “Whether you become a mother biologically or through heart, you feel beautiful entering that phase of your life. She will be a very beautiful mother. I am very happy for her, Abhishek and the entire family. God bless the baby."

When asked about the recent uproar among the producers and ‘No Pregnancy’ clause in the contract, Sushmita reacted angrily.

“I would show the producer the door if he gets a clause like that”, she said angrily.

"If you do not believe that I am a professional, don't sign me, and if you believe that I'm a professional, don't question my professional integrity and tell me about my personal life. If anyone would tell me that this a time span when you cannot get pregnant, I wouldn't tolerate that," she added.

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