Salman Khan to Kat's rescue

Added by harini on Jun 30, 2011

Salman Khan is known for not getting along with his ex’s. If there is an exception to this rule it has to Katrina Kaif, with whom he shares a very good rapport even after the break up.  When Katrina got into trouble recently, it was Salman who came to her rescue.

Katrina Kaif was shooting for a deodorant commercial when the members of FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) disrupted her shooting. They marched into the studio and halted the shooting.

They had previously asked Katrina Kaif to fill in the forms and sign up for FWICE’s membership. It is a compulsion for every artist to register with the organization.

An insider from the set said that the members demanded her registration number and warned her to follow the rules set by them. Obviously, this whole episode upset Katrina Kaif and she turned to Salman Khan for help.

It was only when Salman Khan intervened that the organization members calmed down. Apparently Salman Khan promised that Katrina Kaif would follow up with the process and requested them to let her shoot.

The members left the set with Salman Khan’s assurance and let the shooting of the commercial resume.

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