Simplicity is Big B's Aura

Added by harini on Jul 02, 2011

The South Indian Charmy Kaur is making her Bollywood debut with the movie ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’.

The movie being a tribute of sorts to Amitabh Bachchan, Charmy has very little time on screen. Yet, the actress says she couldn’t have asked for anything better because working Amitabh Bachchan was like a dream come true.

“It's an out and out Bachchan sir's film and I knew it the day I signed the film. Why would I be worried?” said Charmy when asked if she was worried about not getting enough lime light in debut movie.

Recollecting the 1st day of shooting the movie Charmy said, “I was standing with Jagan (the director of the film) and I just turned to him and exclaimed, 'Look at Bachchan sir! He looks so damn cool!' Jagan then told me that my reaction made him happy as Big B was supposed to look cool in this film”.

“I play a young girl of today, who thinks she knows everything, but is confused about a lot of things. And Bachchan's sir character called Vjiu, is my friend. So, I am lucky to have plenty of scenes with the legendary star”, added Charmy.

Charmy said she was blown away with Big B’s humility and simplicity. She said Big B’s simplicity is his aura.

“We stars of today – want umbrellas in the sun, vanity vans on sets, good chairs to sit in between shots etc - and here I was seeing Bachchan sir - sitting on a plastic chair, having his nimbu paani, chatting in an affable manner to everybody on the sets! Then in his heavy layered clothing he would be standing in the sun, waiting for his shot with utmost calm. What an actor and what commitment! I surely learnt a lot from him and am really thankful to the director for casting me in his film." 

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