Shah Rukh and Sunny Deol patch things up

Added by harini on Jul 04, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol have apparently put aside their 16 year animosity.

The two actors had a fall out while shooting for YRF production ‘Darr’. Sunny Deol had apparently felt that Shah Rukh Khan was hogging all the lime light in the movie. After that the 2 stars never acted together again.

But according to a source that’s all in the past. The actors, who traveled in the same flight from Toronto to London, started their male bonding in the airport itself.

"Shah Rukh and Sunny even made a conscious effort to sit together on the flight. They were constantly seen chatting, sharing a lot of information about their work and families. By the time the aircraft landed, it was as if they never had a problem. Everybody who knew them on the flight was pretty astonished because Shah Rukh and Sunny are both headstrong individuals, who don't forget and forgive easily”, said the source.

The patch process was started 2 years ago when the director Subhash Ghai asked the two actors to shake hands and make up.

"Ghai had made them shake hands at a party two years ago but at that time, they still hadn't warmed up to each other. They only conversed with each other in the presence of Prasoon Joshi”, said the source.

"Bobby Deol also joined them on the flight. Shah Rukh was very comfortable with Bobby as well. Now, it is clear that all is well between Shah Rukh and Sunny”, concluded the source.

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