Ram Gopal Varma files a compliant against BJP Yuva Morcha

Added by harini on Jul 05, 2011

The director Ram Gopal Varma has filed a complaint against BJP Yuva Morcha with Versova Police after the later sent Varma a warning letter about casting Maria Susairaj in his upcoming flick.

Maria Susairaj was convicted with destruction of evidence charge in regard to Neeraj Grover case in 2008. The director had earlier tweeted that he would like to cast Maria in his next flick now that she is a free woman.

This statement has caused uproar in film fraternity. Many people felt that Ram Gopal Varma making a movie ‘Not a Love Story’ based on the murder case and also screening the 1st look on the day of the verdict was very insensitive and also a publicity stunt.

But Ram Gopal Varma apparently sees nothing wrong with his behavior.

“Just lodged a complaint with the versova police against the BJP yuva morchas threat to me on the maria susairaj issue... Other organizations warnings I got to hear from the media but the BJP sent a signed warning letter directly to my office,” Ramu wrote on his Twitter page.

Ram Gopal Varma also defended his actions stating, “If sm1 hs bn convicted nd the person servd a gvn sentence she has a right to start her life afresh nd thts a part of civilized society... Maria is nt my sister or my girl friend nd I don't evn knw her ..so its nt about supporting her but its about standing fr my beliefs... Evn aftr court gve its judgement if even the least informed ppl are raising so much noise doesn't it come under contempt of court... Public opinion is fine but isn't there a difference btwn opinion nd an informed opinion? nd who can be more informed than the judge?”

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