Mystery man in Bipasha's life

Added by harini on Jul 06, 2011

Since Bipasha Basu broke up with John Abraham, the rumors of her alleged relationship with Josh Hartnett have surfaced. But if sources are to be believed even that relationship has gone bust.

"Bipasha has suddenly developed a thing for white men. She's surrounded by goras these days and is serious about some one. However, she's not ready to reveal his name yet. Sources confirm that the guy is some one she bumped into during her film schedule in Russia”, revealed a source.

Bipasha met Josh on sets of her upcoming Hollywood movie, in which she co-stars with him. They took an instant liking to each other and became good friends. But rumors went on to say relationship was deeper than friendship.

But Bipasha Basu has denied all rumors and said Josh was still her very good friend.

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