I'd love to make a film like Delhi Belly: Karan Johar

Added by harini on Jul 23, 2011

The director Karan Johar is so impressed and inspired by the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ that now he wants to make a similar movie. It would be the first of the kind for Karan Johar who is known for his high emotional dramas.

"I'd love to make a film like Delhi Belly. It's awesome," he said.

But the director who would out of his comfort zone wants Aamir Khan to help him make the movie.

"I can only do a raunchy comedy if Aamir Khan helps me. I don't think I can pull it off on my own. I don't have the confidence to pull it off. It's a writing victory all the way. And couldn't be possible without Aamir's backing," said the director.

Where few found the language of the movie very uncomfortable, Karan Johar loved it.

"All the edgy humour, language, sex jokes...nowhere did I feel uncomfortable watching Delhi Belly. I've felt far more uncomfortable in other so-called comedies. I fell off my chair with laughter," he said.

If would very interesting to see his version of the movie, if and when he makes it.

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