Ranveer and I can actually kill each other: Anushka Sharma

Added by harini on Jul 29, 2011

Every week on Simi Garewal’s show ‘India’s Most Desirable’ Bollywood celebrities get candid and spill the beans. This week it was the turn of Anushka Sharma to get chatty. In a yet to be aired episode, Anushka Sharma spoke about Ranveer Singh and said that they aren’t dating.

“I like him, he’s attractive but we are very different people. We have a very volatile relationship, we can actually kill each other and I am serious”, she said

“I can take his head off, he can take mine off, and we are quite like that. Me and Ranveer are quite the opposites. We see life in a very different way. He is a very practical person and I am completely impractical. For me a relationship can’t be frivolous; I need to be with a man, who can calm me down if need be. Else, it would not be a good relationship,” she added.

She also said that neither she nor Ranveer were ready to be in a relationship.

“I think Ranveer is not ready to be in a relationship right now, I’m definitely not,” she said.

She said that marriage was very important to her and after the wedding she would like to concentrate more on her family than career.

“Absolutely, it’s very important. I want to be married and have kids, and when I’m married I probably do not want to be working.”

She also added that she would prefer arranged marriage over love, ““Yes, I would prefer that,” says the actress.

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