Santosh Srinivas to direct Allu Arjun

Added by vidhatha on Sep 02, 2011

With the super success of Kandireega, Santosh Srinivas is getting many offers from top stars of Tollywood. It is reported that Stylish Star Allu Arjun asked him to pen a story for him. Santosh Srinivas already started working on the script and he is going to direct Allu Arjun in his third movie.

Santosh has signed a contract with Bellamkonda Suresh to direct his second film under his banner. Bellamkonda is currently trying to get the dates of a noted actor for this film which meanis Santosh Srinivas is going to direct two big heroes one after another.

With Kandireega, it is well known that Santosh exactly knows the pulse of audience and has got talent. Let’s hope he delivers more hits in near future.

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