Yes, I have cheated: Ranbir Kapoor

Added by harini on Oct 02, 2011

Deepika Padukone might just be smiling and saying ‘I told you so’. The actress had earlier said to the media that the reason behind her break up with the actor Ranbir Kapoor was his infidelity.

Even though Ranbir Kapoor had denied it early, he recently confessed that he had indeed cheated.

"Yes, I have, out of immaturity, out of inexperience, out of taking advantage of certain temptations, out of callousness. You realize it now, when you grow up and you value it more why be in a relationship, why be committed to someone when you cannot be committed? I've realized that now. That's why I don't want to jump into a relationship with anybody because ... unless you have a special bond, a special equation with somebody, somebody who you can be committed to, somebody who can trust you, who you can respect, there's no point”, said the 29 year old actor to TOI.

Ranbir Kapoor though added that he now realizes the seriousness of such actions.

"Infidelity is the deal breaker Once it comes in, respect goes away, trust goes away and these are the pillars of a relationship you can't f*** around with it,” he added.

It was rumored that the Ranbir Kapoor had an affair with his ‘Rajneeti’ co-star Katrina Kaif, while he was still involved with Deepika. Both Ranbir and Katrina have denied of ever being a relationship.

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