Anil Kapoor to remake '24' in Hindi

Added by harini on Nov 11, 2011

The Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor is all set to venture into Indian Television with the remake of popular US TV series 24.

Anil Kapoor bought the remake rights of the show for Rs 100-crore in a deal with 20th Century Fox. Anil Kapoor will be not only producing the Indian version of the show but also will portray the lead character of Jack Bauer, who is portrayed by Keifer Sutherland in the original.

"It will be a great honor for me to play Jack Bauer. Kiefer has created an iconic character which has inspired me to bring the franchise toIndia. This will be my first foray to Indian television and I look forward to duplicating the standard of excellence Fox has so successfully created," Anil said in a statement.

"I am grateful to the makers of the show for having faith in me. While shooting for the show earlier, I always wished to make its Hindi version. It is big responsibility for me as an actor as well as an entrepreneur,” he added.

Anil Kapoor had previously made a guest appearance on the show, where he played the character of a middle-eastern leader Omar Hassan, who comes to the USon a peace keeping mission.

"Anil's passion for the series goes back to his time as a guest star on the show, and we're excited to enable him to realize his vision of creating a new version of the series for his nativeIndia. We think this could pave the way for many more iterations of this brilliant series in other international territories down the road," said Marion Edwards, President, Fox International.

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