I get paranoid when asked to kiss on screen: Bipasha

Added by harini on Dec 15, 2011

The actress Bipasha Basu has never shied away from bold scenes as seen in her movies ‘Jism’, ‘Omkara’, ‘Dhoom 2’ or ‘Race’. But the actress said that though lovemaking scenes are easy to do it’s the kissing scenes that maker her nervous.

“For me, love making is no big deal, it is like any other thing. But when it comes to kissing, I have not overcome it. It is tough. I feel it is too private a moment and also the way we are we brought up, the kind of cinema we are exposed to when I started acting, kissing was not a regular thing. But now, in every film, kissing is regular," Bipasha Basu told PTI.

“When I see an English film, I feel it is no big deal, but when I have to do it, it's a very big deal. I have still not overcome it, it is bit of a block that I have," she added.

It would be interesting to know that in her 11 year long career Bipasha Basu has done only 2 kissing scenes, one with John Abraham in ‘Jism’ and another with Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’.

“When I had to do it (a kissing scene) I was paranoid. Everyday I used to go to Adi and Siddharth saying 'please cancel this, please get it out', and they use to laugh at it saying it is small thing. But I was petrified. I have not done many kissing scenes, except two,” she said.

The actress also said that it is due to the inhabitations of the actors that the directors fail to capture beautiful and perfect moment on screen.

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