Priyanka Chopra to play an actress in Kunal Kohli's film

Added by harini on Jan 04, 2012

While Shahid Kapoor plays a struggling musician in Kunal Kohli’s next, Priyanka Chopra plays an actress. But unlike many other movies where the plight of actress is showcased, Priyanka Chopra will play a happy actress.

“Neither Priyanka nor Shahid is in an unhappy space in the script. The fact that they're both intrinsically happy people helped. I think they're getting my film confused with the second-half of The Dirty Picture. Priyanka plays a very happy actress in my film,” said Kunal Kohli in a recent interview.

It was rumored that Priyanka Chopra was so caught up in perfecting her character for Kunal Kohli’s movie that she involuntarily ended up neglecting and delaying the shooting of her movie ‘Barfee’ staring Ranbir Kapoor and directed by Anurag Basu.

“On the contrary Anurag Basu and I have swapped Priyanka's dates. I took his one-month schedule from 15 August to 15 September to shoot in London and I gave my schedule from 15 July to 15 August to Anurag. Beyond that I've no clue about the schedules of 'Barfee'. I shot with Priyanka on the dates allocated to me. That's it,” Kunal Kohli said.

In preparation for her happy 1960s' actress for Kohli epic periodic romance, Priyanka Chopra decided to take lessons from veteran 60’s actress Asha Parekh and Saira Banu. The actress not only took lessons in clothes and hairdo from that era but also tips on how to remain positive and sunny.

“It wasn't just about the clothes and hair. Ashaji and Sairaji represent a certain spirit of bonhomie and joy. I wanted Priyanka to play her character with the same positivity. She is an actress but no 'bechari' and certainly not a victim,” concluded Kunal Kohli.

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