Hrithik Roshan might play Shiva in ‘Immortals Of Meluha’ movie adaption

Added by harini on Feb 17, 2012

Karan Johar recently bought the rights of Amish Tripati’s novel ‘Immortals Of Meluha’, the first book of Shiva trilogy.

The pre-production works of the movie have begun and Karan Johar has started putting the cast and crew of the movie together.

Apparently Karan Johar is very keen on having his ‘Agneepath’ star Hrithik Roshan playing the role of Shiva in the movie.

Everyone at Dharma feels that Hrithik would be the perfect Shiva. The role requires someone who not only looks good, but is also a terrific actor. They have already shorlisted his name for the casting and will make a decision soon,” said a source to TOI.

The source added that Karan Johar is also keen on repeating his ‘Agneepath’ couple as he thinks Priyanka Chopra fits the bill of Parvati perfectly.

Let’s hope that we get to see Hrithik Roshan as Shiva as with Hrithik Roshan’s looks and talent he fits the role of Shiva perfectly.

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