I almost had a heart attack when Rekhaji called: Sujoy Ghosh

Added by harini on Mar 15, 2012

The movie ‘Kahaani’ opened this Friday to an overwhelming positive response by critics and audience alike. The director of the movie, Sujoy Ghosh, is overwhelmed with the praise and acclaim coming his way. In a recent interview with a daily, Sujoy Ghosh admitted that he never thought ‘Kahaani’ would garner such acclaim.

The director recently bought the ticket for the movie at a theater in Kolkata to watch the movie along with the audience and see their response to his work.

“I bought the ticket, and watched the film with my fans. I was thrilled with the response. Of course, they don't recognize me, I'm not that famous. But I enjoyed the experience to the core,” he said to HT.

While few movies manage to impress the critics, they tank in box-office. Few though become box-office hits and never get critical acclaim. But the movie ‘Kahaani’ has catered to both critics and audience alike.

“Everybody is an audience including critics. If the film is good, they would also like it,” he said.

The director, who has been receiving praise from big names in the industry, was shocked when none other than Rekha called him to congratulate him on his achievement.

“I almost had a heart attack when she called me. She said, the film was good,” he said.

When asked if the director was aiming for commercial success this time he said, “My intention was to make a film and play with the script beautifully, I never thought about the commercial aspect.”

‘Kahaani’ features actress Vidya Balan in lead role.

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