Sajid doesn't take my career decisions: Jacqueline Fernandez

Added by harini on Mar 23, 2012

The fortunes of actress Jacqueline Fernandez have changed ever since her movie ‘Murder 2’ went on to become one of the biggest hit of the year. The actress was finally getting noticed by big banners and getting lucrative offers.

But the biggest break in career came when the actress got signed to play cameo in ‘Krrish 3’. But the actress ended up walking out of the project. The actress later walked out of 'Raaz 3' too.

It’s rumored that the reason for that was her ‘Housefull 2’ director and boyfriend Sajid Khan. It’s been said that Sajid Khan was taking Jacqueline’s career decisions. But the actress has denied these rumors.

“No... He (Sajid) is not my mentor, I don't actually have one. I don't have any mentor. I am very professional person; I have never had any mentor. And no he never does tell me what films to do and what not. I think for me it is important that I make my own decisions,” said Jacqueline to a daily.

“As I am not from the industry… I am an outsider, so it is easy for me to make mistakes as I don't know how things work in the industry, how people function. It is important to make your own mistakes and learn from them and not based on someone else advice to know what you are doing is right,” she added.

The actress said it was her who had set the limitations on herself and nobody else.

“I have definitely set limitations on what is acceptable to me… if the lip-lock or a certain dressing style is central to the script and character, and then I am open to doing it. Lot of movies have sex scenes these days that look like they have been forced, and it makes you cringe when you see them. I don’t want that to be the case when someone is watching my movie,” she said.

“I am not closed to kissing scenes or wearing skimpy clothes. But, it should not be forced into the movie, just for the heck of it. The role or the dresses should not make me feel uncomfortable,” she added.

She denied the rumor that the reason she walked out of ‘Krrish 3’ is because she wasn’t comfortable kissing Hrithik Roshan.

“I thought that it was an unbelievable role, but I guess everything happens for the best. It was mutual understanding between the director and me. It had nothing to do with me not wanting to kiss Hrithik Roshan,” she concluded.

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